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        About us

        Allmax---JNM's melamine furniture and partition Factory.


        Forerunner of JNM Furniture Manufacture Co., Ltd. Were: Allmax Furniture (melamine/laminated series & partition), Vantage Furniture (wood veneer series) and Unomax Furniture (office seating). Because of joint interests in building the best office furniture for the industry, we put these 3 entities together and becomes JNM with registered capital of RMB81,000,000.00 (USD13,500,000.00)


        JNM now has about 500 employees, 40,000 square meters production facility and various types of up-to-date machineries, plus a 4,000 square meters newly renovated showroom and customer service department with full line of office furniture we currently offer.


        Our leading products include: melamine/laminate desks, workstation, wooden veneer desks, office chairs and sofas.We are trying to provide one-stop solutions to your needs for modern office environments.


        Go green: Reuse, Reduce&Recycle. JNM is working hard to provide more and more Green furniture to the market.


        JNM promises to provide best service to our customers. Your satisfactory is our best rewards!